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Communications Evolutions has been providing two-way radio and wireless communications solutions to police departments and fire departments in Middle Tennessee for over 40 years.

Through four generations of Project 25 (P25) advancements, Motorola remains the industry innovator in Mission Critical two-way communications. Today, as government and public safety agencies look for anywhere, anytime communications, Motorola offers the broadest portfolio of P25 two-way radios and accessories.

Motorola high-performance mobile and portable radios are compatible with the ASTRO® 25 integrated voice and data network, which delivers advanced features and unsurpassed reliability. From single site to state-wide deployments, Motorola is a trusted partner for expanding, enhancing, and integrating voice and data communications that meet current requirements as well as future demands. Reliable, accurate, real-time information can make the difference between a difficult and a successful outcome. ASTRO® 25 networks, our Project 25 standards-based mission critical networks, provide integrated voice and data communications for emergency response and coordinated communications during and after an incident.

Keep your personnel and the community safer than ever before with the mission critical designed portable radios that deliver interoperability, best-in class audio quality and intuitive performance

Select from most advanced lineup of P25 two-way portable radios to create a customer solution that meets your agencies' needs.

Motorola P25 Portable Radios

Motorola XTS 1500
  • Motorola APX™ Next XE
  • Motorola APX™ Next
  • Motorola APX™ 900
  • Motorola APX™ 1000
  • Motorola APX™ 4000
  • Motorola APX™ 6000
  • Motorola APX™ 6000 XE
  • Motorola APX™ 8000
  • Motorola APX™ 8000 XE
  • Motorola APX™ 8000H
  • Motorola APX™ 8000H XE

Motorola P25 Mobile Radios

Motorola XTL 1500
  • Motorola APX™ 1500
  • Motorola APX™ 4500
  • Motorola APX™ 6500
  • Motorola APX™ 8500
  • Motorola APX™ Dual

Motorola P25 Dispatch Consoles

Motorola MIP 5000
  • Motorola MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console
  • Motorola MCC 7500E IP Dispatch Console
  • Motorola MCD 5000 Deskset

Motorola Body-worn Cameras

Body-worn Cameras

Capture Critical Events Instantly and Accurately

Motorola’s Si Series Video Speaker Microphones (VSM) allow agencies to trim down the number of devices needed for public safety personnel to do their job effectively. An extension of the high-performing Motorola APX™ radio, the Si Series is a smart interface with an integrated remote speaker microphone and body-worn camera in one. It assures the reliable voice and mission critical sight, sound and security your officers need to work safely.

Coverage Enhancements

Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS)

Your P25 two-way radio network is your lifeline.

When your police officers are in a stand-off with a dangerous suspect; when your firefighters are caught in a building collapse; when any one of a million life-or-death messages from your team must get through, you need mission-critical P25 two-way radios. Technology that was designed from the ground up to be resilient, secure and utterly dependable.

But there are places where even your radio can’t reach: Maybe when you’re deep in the countryside, miles from home – or deep in a building, behind thick concrete walls. Sometimes your teams will find themselves with no signal, but with an urgent need to communicate.

P25 Infrastructure

P25 Infrastructure

Compliant to Project 25 (P25) standards, ASTRO® 25 site equipment is built to maximize channel up-time, simplify system technology refresh, optimize efficient site design and minimize the cost of ownership. Easily add new features to your existing system with a simple software download. Based on an IP-architecture, ASTRO 25 G-Series equipment is designed so that many upgrades, migrations and conversions can be completed with only software installations

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