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Mandy Batson (Service Manager) and Regenia Myers (Owner) at the Motorola Solutions Channel Partner Expo in Las Vegas

Wireless communications has been our business since 1974 at Communications Evolutions. In 1988 Motorola awarded us a Motorola Radius Two-way radio dealership and in 1991 we became a Full Line Motorola Two-way Radio Dealership. We also carry replacement parts and items such as pagers, batteries and antennas for two-way radios. We are proud to represent Motorola in both sales and service. We also represent the Vertex wireless two-way radio products.

Other services available include five prime tower sites located in the Middle Tennessee Area to allow our customers to locate their fixed equipment on sites which will help them receive the best possible coverage for their communication needs. We also have multiple communications systems in place, which gives our customers the communications they need at prices they can afford.

Our services include sales, service and maintenance of your wireless communications equipment, including towers and modular buildings and point to point and point to multi-point microwave.

Reasons you should choose Communications Evolutions as your Communications Sales and Service Provider:

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  • Top quality Communications Products
  • Highly trained and licensed technicians
  • Professional installation and support staff
  • Quality Sales Team
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  • We appreciate your business and want you as our customer